Publishing beyond margins. Ignota is a new-media publishing startup developing aesthetically, technically, and politically sophisticated platforms for marginalized communities. In a chorus of unheard voices, we’re discovering new melodies; through the evolution of distinctive artistries, we’re fomenting a revolution in the arts writ large.


Do more than match the furniture.

Our publications create and curate challenging, powerful, ambitious work from the communities that have long shaped the world’s cultural and aesthetic landscape. We look for artists and authors producing content that speaks in their own distinctive idiom and patois, amplifying the historical and millennial echoes of identity in art.

In so doing, we and the communities we embody and support forge a virtuous cycle. Fitting a media product to an underrepresented (and underadvantaged) market creates a new audience and inaugurates a new community of creators, and expanding the base of readers and writers we serve further delineates and expands our market—yielding a pattern of growth that is sustainable and self-sustaining.


Print went out for a pack of cigarettes in 2008, it’s not coming back for your softball game.

At Ignota we’re web natives, denizens of the digital, Aphrodite riding the world wide waves. Our technical work is as ambitious as our editorial work: treating the browser as a first-class medium, rather than a clear pane through which is espied a “page,” drives us to build deeply engaging experiences of unparalleled richness.

The content we publish shapes the products we build, and so our engineers and editors work from a place of deep intimacy with their materials, mapping their affect and aesthetic onto the screen. Answering the complexity of our contibutors’ work has seen us ship everything from an innovative new graph-based content management system to a suite of React components that animate a cruisy stroll through the Rambles.


As long as we know how to love, we know we’re still alive.

The communities we work with and within have the right to hear their voices echoed back to them in the media they consume, and they deserve equal access to the tools and technologies used to produce and distribute that media. We’re working to restore real, meaningful ownership of their own distinctive voices and their own specific representations to historically marginalized communities—we furnish the platform, they furnish the roar.

Art is the beginning of identity, the protopolitical mirror that first reveals us to our selves. We can speak of distinctive queer and Black and women’s personhoods because we can speak of distinctive queer and Black and women’s voices. Ignota puts the tools to amplify those voices back in the hands of the original speakers.